Co-Curricular Activities

The school nurtures the student in many ways and helps them identify and bring out their talents and specialties. These thought-through activities are held in order to bring out the best in every student.

House System

The students are grouped into four houses. This cultivates a sense of belonging and builds an attitude toward teamwork. The students will be assigned to be a part of the houses from class I onwards.

Uniformed Services

Students can be a part of the organized uniformed services like Scouts, Guides, and Interact – the student program from Rotary International that is introduced in the school in order to inculcate a sense of discipline. This cultivates a secular outlook and a spirit of helping others. Adventure activities like hiking, and trekking are also organized for the students through private organizers.


Recitation, Story Telling, Essay-Writing & Declamation.

Engaging in activities like recitation, story-telling, essay-writing, and declamation cultivates valuable communication, creativity, and critical thinking skills in students. These activities are integral to their holistic development, fostering confidence and the ability to express themselves effectively.

Public Speaking, Creative Writing, General Knowledge & Quiz competitions

Participating in public speaking, nurturing creative writing talents, and expanding general knowledge through quizzes are essential components of a well-rounded education. These activities at our institution not only boost communication skills but also encourage creative expression and critical thinking. Public speaking hones students’ ability to convey ideas confidently, while creative writing allows them to explore their imagination and storytelling prowess. Engaging in quizzes and general knowledge activities broadens their horizons and keeps them intellectually curious. We believe in fostering these skills as they empower students to excel academically and thrive in various aspects of life, promoting their overall development and success.

Expert Talks

Renowned experts from diverse fields will deliver enlightening talks, providing valuable insights and knowledge to our students. In addition, our curriculum emphasizes the significance of class and group projects as they serve as catalysts for nurturing students’ imaginations and fostering strong teamwork skills.