Meet the Management

Mr. L.R.Shivarame Gowda, Chairman

Former MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT Mandya District, Karnataka

Chairman – KAPJAC
Karnataka Private School Management Joint Action Committee
Karnataka State (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB and State Syllabus)

Chairman – KFISM
Karnataka Federation Independent Schools Management
Karnataka State (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB Syllabus)

Former MLA & Chairman
Bangalore Development Authority
Karnataka Housing Board Coir Board – Karnataka State

The founder of Royale Concorde International School, Shri. L. R. Shivarame Gowda, is an outstanding visionary who wears many hats. Royale Concorde International School is his brainchild and his dream for creating a holistic environment for children to be able to ask, learn, imbibe and become builders of 21st century world, to bring about a positive change in society. It is his multifaceted experience in various walks of life that has led to the formation of the school. A school that transcends the boundaries of traditional education that dares to look outside for inspiration and builds healthy attitude and skills for children had been his desire.

His vision has taken the big leap into tomorrow by creating the perfect atmosphere for children to develop their individual potential, in a school where learning is fun.

“I have always believed that children can change the world, given the freedom and the right atmosphere to develop their abilities, their self-esteem and their individual potential. There’s no limit to what they can achieve. You only have to speak to a child for a few minutes to notice that his sense of wonder and his love for learning is untainted by the skeptical attitudes that adults have imbibed over time. There is so much we can learn from children!. Today, creative workshops for managers stress the need to evoke a spirit of play in order to throw up new and innovative ideas. “Tagore wanted to turn work into play, while Gandhi found the spirit of play in work,” says the historian of education, Poromesh Acharya. Why shouldn’t our children grow up in a positive and receptive environment, which encourages them to share their thoughts and ideas? This is such a crucial factor, yet sadly lacking in many schools today. I wanted to set up an educational institution that would change the way children learn today …because empowered children will change the way that the world works tomorrow!”

Smt. Sudha Shivarame Gowda, Managing Trustee

Mrs. Sudha Shivarame Gowda is a Managing Trustee and the backbone of Royale Concorde Educational Institutions. She is a leading champion of education and life skills impairment in children and believes in the right to complete and enabling education for each child regardless of where they come from. A graduate in arts, having completed her BA, she values education and hard work above all and believe that education and hard work when combined with persistence is the mantra to strive towards a new future.

“Children are the future of the world and so their education forms an integral part of the society. The responsibility vested in the school is immense, and when we manage to bring out the hidden talents of every student we are contributing to the future of the society.”

Mr. L.S. Chetan Gowda, M.A, Managing Trustee

Mr. L S Chetan Gowda – Managing Trustee, decided to come back to India after pursuing higher education at Brighton University (United Kingdom) to fulfil his dream of being part of an education system that serves to create an environment where young minds can be nurtured.

He is very involved in day to day affairs of the school and plays a crucial role in the administration. The dynamic trustee provides valuable insights to promote a culture of self-discipline and an environment that enables critical thinking. According to Mr. Chetan Gowda, Education means not only an excellent infrastructure, but also the competent, dedicated, motivated staff contributes hard work which means helping others to reach to the top. This will be a continuous and ongoing process at Royale Concorde International School and we are confident of nurturing a generation of young achievers.

Dr. L.S.Bhavya Gowda, MBA, Ph.D.(UK), Managing Trustee

Ms. L S Bhavya Gowda – Managing Trustee and one of the most recognized names on social and educational circle has a long history of academic excellence and consistent achievements in various fields. With a background in Masters in Business Management (U.K) and Ph.D. in International Education Management from the University of Leeds Ms. Gowda brings a rich experience to the table and is very keen on the developmental aspects of the students, using her international exposure in the futuristic vision of the school.

She is part of the leadership team to provide strategic and fiduciary direction to the school. Her prime focus is on developing, nurturing and supporting student’s growth trajectory as well as reviewing and monitoring the implementation of the next step developmental plan for student’s growth and institution’s academic environment.

Ms. Gowda is also the Chair Person of Royale Kids International Group of Schools. She reiterates the fact that every child is born to excel but the field chosen to excel differs from child to child.

Dr. Shruthi Chetan Gowda, Managing Trustee

Dr. Shruthi C Gowda – Curator, W/o of Mr. L.S. Chetan Gowda is a well known specialist in Dental Sciences brings a fresh perspective to education at Royale Concorde International School. A highly meritorious student throughout, she is keenly interested in the educational development of the students and building them into the future architects of the society. She strongly believes in nurturing student’s critical thinking abilities as well as ability to express themselves creatively, and fuels it by providing well founded support on both academic and extracurricular grounds.

Dr Abraham Ebenezer, Academic Director of Royale Concorde Group of Institutions

Dear Parents,
With great delight we take this opportunity to inform you that our esteemed friend and associate Dr Abraham Ebenezer will be a part of the Royal Concorde Group of Institutions forthwith.

A prominent leader in education Dr Abraham Ebenezer is a nationally acclaimed educator and a distinguished administrator, Who held the prestigious position as Principal, Bishop Cotton Boys’ School. With close to 50 years of rich experience in the field of education, his wide knowledge and sterling leadership, Dr Ebenezer placed Bishop Cotton School on the global map through various initiatives and developmental measures. He has been recognised and acknowledged with many awards; Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Excellence Award, Rajyotsava Award for Excellence in Education, The Derozio Award for outstanding service to Education and Human Enrichment amongst many more for his intellectual calibre and dedication to education.

At Royal Concorde Group of Institutions, Dr Abraham Ebenezer will play a key role in steering forward our schools, reinvigorating the academic programs whilst also streamlining and transforming pedagogical systems. We are sure that with his vision for a better society through education, this alliance will be greatly beneficial for our children.

Governing Council

  • Mr. D. B. Chandre Gowda

    Member of Parliament, Ex-Law Minister

  • Sri. Cpt. Gopinath

    Chairman, Deccan Aviation

  • Sri. K.Y.R Tagore


  • Mr. Mansoor Ali Khan

    Director, Delhi Public School, Bangalore

  • Mr. D. Muniraju

    Chairman, Bangalore International School

  • Dr. Y.A. Ram

    (FRCS) USA

  • Dr. Halekote. N. Viswamitra (USA)

    Director, World Treamis International School, Bangalore

  • Sri. Uday Kanapathy

    Industrialist, UK

  • Sri. Jafrulla Khan

    Industrialist, Dubai UAE

  • Mr. Kempaiah Ex BEO

    Administrator RCET