Admission Application Form For 2024-25 Chamrajpet, CBSE

Dear Parent, Kindly fill in the online application for 2024-25. Now complete the admission process in just 5 steps.

1. Fill the application form.
2. Transfer the application processing fees of ₹1500 through NEFT to the given bank account.(Non-refundable)
3. School Admission team will acknowledge the transfer once received.
4. School Admission team will connect with you over phone to confirm the details.
5. Admission for your ward is complete.

Application is not a guarantee for admission. School is the final decision maker
Undertaking by the Parent/Guardian

• I fully agree to abide by the terms/procedures and guidelines laid by RCIS in respect of the development of my ward.

• I agree to pay the fees on time as per the schedule and I agree to the condition that fees once paid is not refundable or transferable.

• I am aware that the acceptance of the application does not guarantee an admission to the school. The decision of the selection committee shall be final and binding on me.

• l agree that only the parents of the student will interact with the school in all matters.

• l am explained that the school is responsible for the safety of my ward as long as he/she is inside the premises of the school and during transportation by the vehicle from pickup till drop from the allocated place.

• I am informed that the school will not be held responsible for the behavior of the child outside the school premises.

• I agree to cooperate with the school in case of extra tutorials planned for my ward to improve his / her academic performance.

*Please note that after School reopens, all the necessary documents need to be submitted  for verification.
Kindly make NEFT transfer to the bank account provided to complete the application process after submitting the form. In case the payment is not done, Application will not be processed.
Kindly Note The Bank Details For NEFT Amount of ₹1500
Pls contact the branch to get the bank details.